Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well, it's been a long month, so an update is certainly due. My artwork is currently in folders or at school, but scans and photos should be coming soon.

At K9 Studios, Mr. Sullivan has gotten us started on the chase film he's been planning since last year. The original idea is based around two concepts: Pirates and rats (or "Pi-rats" as we've taken to calling them). I'm very excited with the way the responsibilities have been split up; we've got a lot of great people doing what they do best.

Heavy production on that, however, is going to have to wait until after Clayton and I have finished our "Three Little Pigs" project. There's animation to be inbetweened and polished, as well as some staging and editing. In the meantime, Kyler has been pounding away at some great gag drawings.

I also have started my figure drawing course at Sac City in the past month. The instruction's great, and though the commute can be a nightmare, it's much more convenient than running down to S & 12 downtown on Saturdays.

On a more academic note, I recently filled out some paperwork filled out for next year's class schedule. Hopefully I'll be able to take care of some general ed with the AP courses I'm taking.

And just last night, I helped out my friend Tyler by taking some photographs at the school's winter homecoming basketball game last night. I'll be posting up some of those if I ever get a copy.

Though winter homecoming's tonight, I'll probably just stay home and spend some time with the family. What's good about a busy schedule is that it gets you to appreciate the quiet time you get together.

I won't bore anyone reading with more ramblings, so it's off to lunch for me.

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