Friday, April 17, 2009


This was drawn with a foot-long string dipped in ink.

It's one thing when you're in crunch time for a project. Quite another when everything is in crunch at once.

I haven't studied for the AP English test in ages, and, with fourteen school days left, my class has another 80 years to cover in AP US History. AP Studio Art is in a similar situation; I have three pieces to finish, but would like to redo two or more.

"Bye Bye Birdie" opens in a week (go if you're in the area!), and rehearsals are going to be lasting until ten or so for the next week.

Most importantly, "PiRats" has got to get done. We're in full swing for production, and after a week of going to bed past midnight, voice acting has been organized and recorded with a cast I was very happy with. Luckily, when the show's over, I'll be able to spend more time cranking out footage.

Obviously, the most important thing to do in this situation is to take everything one step at a time, but that ges difficult when everything overlaps (I've risked missing many a cue by running across campus to grab something from the animation room). Figure drawing's probably the only remaining time where I have the comfort of not only focusing on the present. So! Enough rambling, here are some of the older drawings I've just shot.


Celeste said...

That one drawn with the inked string is fantastic man. Awesome stuff.

Juan In a Million said...

Thanks, Celeste! There were a couple more from that session that I've recently posted up.