Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm exhausted right now, but I'll touch on a few goings-on before I dive into work:

-Lost Season 5 Finale: I must say, that was the single most poignant closing title card I believe I've ever seen on television. Also, good to know what lies in the shadow of the statue (or at least, lives inside its foot).

-Pirats: Crunchtime! I'll likely be staying at the studio until seven for the coming weeks.

-AP Testing: Done! Not going to worry about it until I get my scores.

-Star Trek: Win. Elaborate thoughts on that later

-Figure drawing: Final on Monday, so I suppose it would be nice to get advice concerning which drawings I should include to show my teacher (we're showing him 4-5 examples of our best work for him to critique).

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Cristina Sam Amin said...

I really like the first four, with the first one being my absolute favourite. I know I've said it a million times, but you're really improving so much--it's visible in every one of these drawings! You're becoming more comfortable with gestures, and using less lines, and your anatomy is way improved.
# 10 shows nice movement--that's a good gesture, actually. You really managed to capture the structure of the figure nicely!
--The same can be said about 17 and 19 :)